17.1 Intramural Open Results

17.1 17point1 Intramural Open CrossFit Games Dumbbell Snatch Burpee Box Jump Craft

Coreys Cronies take week 1! Led by solid scores that scored 2nd place (Matt F) and 3rd Place (Corey H and Kayla S) for the overall team.

Erika's Entourage take 2nd in 17.1 led by 1st place (Lindsey C) and 2nd place (Erika B) for the overall team.

Nick's Narwhals bring up the rear in 3rd with the top overall time (JR G) as their only overall score.

Other week 1 highlights:

  • Lauren Y completing the workout scaled due to her knee injury recovery was a sight to see!
  • Several ladies were unsure they could snatch the dumbbell and went on to get several reps including: Stephanie M, Laura H, Liz L, Colleen D, and Kim L
  • Colleen D had never done a box jump with us and went on to do several during this work out (after a burpee too!)