17.3 Intramural Open Results

17.3 17point3 Intramural Open CrossFit Games Craft Chest To Bar Pull Up Squat Snatch

Erika's Entrouge dominates in week 3! Led by overall top scores from Lindsey C (1st), Erika B (3rd), Adam S (3rd).

Nick's Narwhals finally get out of the cellar, taking second despite losing participation point do to 3 "no shows", they are led by Nick W (1st) and Molly G (2nd).

Corey's Cronies finished 1st the first two weeks but finally hit a wall in week 3, like the Narwhals they missed 3 participants and lost a point for participation, but were led by Corey H (2nd).

Other highlights from Week 3:

  • Colleen D getting her first Chest to Bar, followed by another!
  • Laura H getting her first Chest to Bar, followed by five more!
  • Laura H also maxing her Squat Snatch three times at 65#!!!
  • Stephanie M cruising through six Chest to bars and then maxing her squat snatch at 65# six times!
  • Liz L maxed her Squat Snatch at 65# also and got it a total of six times!
  • Chas B maxed out after doing 17.3 and got a new snatch PR of 175#!!!