17.4 Intramural Open Results

CrossFit Games Open 17.4 17point4 Craft Deadlift Wall Ball Rowing Concept 2 Handstand Pushup

Corey's Cronies edge out Erika's Entourage by 1 rep in week 4!

Cronies were led by overal scores in second place by Corey and third place by Kayla and Matt F. For the second straight week the Cronies had three no shows leading to a one point deduction for participation.

Lindsey took the top overall score leading the Entourage to a second place finish

Narwhal's still finished in last, despite a first place overall performance from JR and a second place overall performance from Molly.

Highlights from week 4:

  • Kim performed 17.4 at Big Thompson CrossFit and was Judged by her brother! She nailed a bunch of really heavy deadlifts!
  • Laura H and Colleen D gutted their way through 55 reps at her 1 rep max on the Deadlift!
  • So many PR's from 16.4 to 17.4 that they deserve their own post...more to come on that!