Stephanie Ma. (Belated) Birthday

Stephanie Ma Birthday CrossFit Craft Fort Collins Colorado

Stephanie Marcinko celebrated her birthday this week, on March 22! She and her husband, Rion, joined CrossFit Craft just over a year ago. The progress Stephanie has made in a year has been amazing! We want to share some highlights that we are especially proud of her for accomplishing. Stephanie recently mastered kipping pullups and toes to bar. When she joined us, Stephanie had little experience with lifting weights; squats were challenging for her and she hadn’t practiced any cleans or snatches. Her max back squat is now 190 lbs, front squat is 155 pounds, and her deadlift is 210 pounds! One of her favorite Olympic Lifts is the squat clean, which she has reached 120 pounds on that lift! Our community loves having Stephanie as she is always willing to try new things, persistent in practicing movements to improve her ability, but most of all-that she is always smiling and encouraging others. Happy Birthday Stephanie! We are so proud of you and love having you at CrossFit Craft.