17.5 Intramural Open Results

17.5 17point5 CrossFit Games Open Craft Fort Collins Colorado

Corey's Cronies really laid the hammer down this week, scoring 4 of the 6 overall scores for the overall Craft Team! Corey lead the way with a first place, Kayla and Matt F both took second place, and Megan rounded them out with a third place finish

Erika's Entourage was led yet again by Lindsey who had the fastest time of 8:06!

Nick's Narwhals yet again finished in third, they were led by JR who took the third men's overall score

Other Highlights of 17.5:

  • Stephanie Ma, Matt M, Colleen D, and Lynn Griffin all battled for 40 minutes to get through most of the workout and got a lot of work on their double unders!
  • Laura H also battled the double unders and thrusters and ended up not getting time capped!
  • Lauren Y is battling back from a knee injury and ended up doing several "single" double unders to finish under the cap!
  • Molly G shook off a shoulder injury from soccer the week before and still put up a really impressive time!