Final 2017 Intramural Open Results

2017 Intramural Open Results Coreys Cronies Nicks Narwhals Erikas Entourage CrossFit Games CrossFit Craft Fort Collins Colorado

Your 2017 Intramural CrossFit Craft CHAMPION is....COREY's CRONIES!!!!

For the second straight year the Cronies have dominated from start to finish!

Here are your 2017 Cronies:

  • Kayla S
  • Kelli B
  • Laura H
  • Lauren Y
  • Megan P
  • Stephanie M
  • Chas B
  • Corey H
  • Jeff K
  • Kieran H
  • Steve W

Erika's Entourage took 2nd place moving up from a 3rd place finish in 2016.

Nick's Narwhals finished in 3rd place moving down from 2nd place in 2016.

The margin of victory and total points was less than 2016, so the Narwhals and Entourage are poised to close the gap even more in 2018!

CrossFit Craft would like to thank all of you for participating, cheering, judging (in a good way) this year and hope it was a fun experience for all of you!