Kelli B Birthday!

20161120 Turkey Challenge Kelli B.jpg

Fun. Friendly. Funny. Witty. Lively. These few words describe Kelli. This lively, bright athlete is celebrating her birthday on April 11! Everyone that Kelli meets becomes her friend. She makes anyone feel welcome and comfortable. Any class that Kelli attends is guaranteed to be full of witty quips, laughter, and entertainment. Even though Kelli doesn’t always seem really serious, she works hard with persistence. During the CrossFit Open this year, Kelli realized her ability to get bar muscle ups! She persistently worked on them, using a band in previous weeks and finally achieved them during the Open! When we needed a team to fill in at The Bumper Plate Date at Big Thompson CrossFit, she jumped in with Rion Marcinko. They did well at the competition and Kelli set a personal record for her squat clean of 175 pounds! She also completed 3 front squats at that weight. In addition to all of that, Kelli finally broke the 100# barrier for her squat snatch and hit it at 110#! Kelli is a great supporter, cheering on everyone and celebrating the tiniest of wins. She brings everyone together with her adventurous spirit and has become a magnet for fun! Kelli’s attitude and smile liven the spirit in the gym and we are so thankful that she is part of our Craft Community! Happy Birthday Kelli!