Matt Amy Sled CrossFit Craft Fort Collins Colorado

There are some pretty cool people at CrossFit Craft. Two of those current people thought that we needed to make everyone work harder….much harder. Matt and Amy Felumlee-maybe you have heard of them? Most of the time, they come to the gym together, with their cute daughter, Harper. Matt always wants to do extra work, lift extra weight and Amy works her butt off and pushes herself constantly (all the while-proclaiming that “this is B.S.!”) The next time you find yourself behind this fancy sled, remember to THANK Amy and Matt! They were so incredibly generous and gave this to us…because they want to have 3 person sled races this summer. We hope you all are ready!!

In all seriousness- thank you, Matt and Amy-it means so much to everyone to have you part of the CrossFit Craft Family!