Competition Club Saturdays at 11 am Starting 4/22/17

Now that we have rested up a bit from the CrossFit Games 2017 Open. We are looking forward to training for some other live and online competitions this summer!

Some of you have expressed interest in getting together and doing team competitions and preparing as a team.

Saturdays at 11am we will be meeting, it will not be a coach lead session (although we will have coaches there, they will be participating in the workouts). We will structure the work outs based on the structure of the next competition (team vs. ind, partner vs. team, all male/female, mixed, etc).

Here is a list of the live competitions we plan to tackle. Please contact Coach Nick with your interest as he will be assembling teams and helping registered (NOTE WE ARE NOT SAYING YOU HAVE TO DO ALL (OR ANY) OF THESE TO BE IN THE "CLUB" BUT THESE ARE A LIST OF ALL THE ONES WE HOPE TO SEND A TEAM OR TEAMS TO):

  • 4/22/17 Craft Weightlifting Barbell Throwdown @ 11am (Free at CrossFit Craft)
  • 5/20/17 Spring Fling (2 Male and 2 Female Teams at West Metro CrossFit in Wheat Ridge)
  • 6/24/17 Spring Hopper (Male and Female Partners, $130 per team @ Big Thompson CrossFit in Loveland)
  • 7/22/17 Whiteboard Classic (Male and Female Partners, $100 per team @ CrossFit Arvada in Arvada)
  • 9/16/17 Battle at the Rock (Teams of 2 Males and 2 Females)
  • 9/23/17 Barbells for Boobs (Teams of 3 Females)
  • 11/18/17 Turkey Challenge (2 Male and 2 Female Teams at MBS CrossFit in Broomfield)

Here are the online competitions we are looking at:

  • 4/20/17 to 4/24/17 Masters Online Qualifier (Free at CrossFit Craft)
  • 6/7/17 to 6/26/17 Granite Games Online Qualifiers ($25 at CrossFit Craft)
  • 7/5/17 to 7/17/17 Granite Games Online Team of 3 Qualifiers (3 Males or 3 Females, $75 per team at CrossFit Craft)
  • 9/5/17 CrossFit Online Team Series (Online and Teams of 2 Males and 2 Females)
  • 11/2/17 CrossFit Lift Off (Online Max Snatch and Clean and Jerk + one metcon)