Maximum Effort

What comes to mind when you hear this? As it relates to your sport? Maybe, you think: “the best I can do,” or “best effort possible,” or even “’til I almost die.” Many of us picture our sweatiest selves, gasping, red faced, exhaustedly lying in a pool of our own sweat. That. That is MAXIMUM EFFORT. Right? We pushed ourselves to the limit, did our best. It is measured by the tangible feeling of exhaustion, muscle soreness, PR’s. What about as it relates to an injury or injury recovery? Some injuries make you sweat, in pain. Some injuries prevent you from working to what you would consider maximum effort, meaning- no sweating, no gasping, no exhaustion, only frustration. Some injuries are nagging pains wreaking havoc on our mental game, sucking away the remaining scraps of any motivation. We have all experienced injuries, big and small: knees, necks, ankles, shoulders, wrists, feet….the list goes on. In a season of injury, maximum effort may mean a change of focus to best attitude possible. That takes greater effort, often, than the physical work itself. Then, there is the actual physical effort itself: physical therapy, mobilizing, working on goats.
Put maximum effort into attitude. Thinking positively aids in recovery and outlook. Easier said than done, right? Be patient and kind to yourself. Set new goals to achieve with something different, a different movement or skill that’s not limited by injury. Don’t allow the injury become a new identity that defines you. An emotional rollercoaster will ensue and that is completely normal, just don’t let it take you screaming off the tracks. Think about what is possible, instead of what isn’t. Set goals, focus on those goals. While many of us have experienced different injuries, there are two athletes in our gym who have really persisted in Maximum Effort in regards to their injuries: Angi and Lauren. Both of these ladies have experienced serious injuries that have been major setbacks. Both of them consistently come to the gym, modify work outs…AND do the physical therapy needed to recover, every day. Angi and Lauren maintain such positive attitudes, smiling, still encouraging others to work hard. They don’t complain. They approach a workout with the thought of “what can I do?” not “I can’t do that.” Angi creates innovative ways to approach different workouts- while smiling and speaking so positively. Lauren focuses on working on anything possible that she can do and never utters a negative word. They display Maximum Effort. They exude the best possible attitude. They remind me- when I am complaining about the inability to do something (and not because I am injured)-to continue, to persist, and to change my attitude. Thank you- Angi and Lauren- for being such strong, positive athletes in a season of injury, while showing what Maximum Effort looks like. Thank you, both, for bringing so much positive GRIT to our community.