Molly G Birthday!

It’s Molly’s birthday today! Molly has been with CrossFit Craft for over a year and has truly become a significant and inspirational part of our community. Her smile is constant and contagious. Molly supports and encourages other athletes constantly, cheering them on, giving them tips and advice, or just simply listening to them. Molly’s authentic and warm personality instantly makes any person feel welcome and included. Underneath that friendly smile, unassuming attitude and pile of curly hair, though- is a badass. Molly enjoys Olympic lifting and it shows: 220 lb clean and jerk and 170 pound snatch. We should also mention that her back squat is 330 pounds. You would never learn about Molly’s strength or talent, though, unless you have the opportunity to watch her lift, because she never brags or boasts. Instead, she celebrates others’ successes and shares other athlete’s accomplishments. Outside of the gym, Molly works at the Wellington Veterinary Clinic as a Veterinary Assistant and is hoping to be a veterinary student soon. With her adventurous spirit, Molly can also be found outdoors, hiking, biking, backpacking or snowboarding with her boyfriend, Steve, and their dog Odin. Thanks for being such an integral part of our community, Molly! Happy Birthday!