Kayla's Birthday!

This tough little cookie celebrates her birthday today! Kayla has been part of the CrossFit Craft Community before we had an actual building and we were working out in the park. She has supported every possible event, whether it was moving the gym, hanging out with athletes at an event or kicking ass in a competition. Her support of CrossFit Craft and all of the athletes is amazing and heartfelt. Kayla builds other athletes up, praising others for their strenghts and accomplishments, while down-playing her own. She is compassionate, kind, and patient. Every athlete in our gym is excited to see her and work out with her as she can make any workout light-hearted and fun. Kayla's smile is bright and her little giggle is contagious. She has persisted through numerous injuries, which occassionaly keep her away from the gym, and she has been missed when that happens. Her fierce, competitive spirit is inspiring and Kayla is tough as nails. Despite her small frame, she has the ability to make heavy weights look light, pullups and muscle ups look effortless. Kayla is a picture of composure, even in the toughest workouts, the grit she has is evident. She is admired throughout our community as an amazing athlete, awesome mom, and one of the strongest links in our CrossFit Craft Community. Happy Birthday Kayla