CrossFit Craft OPEN 2017

Kim Liz Colleen Lynn Kieran Bryan Open 2017 CrossFit Craft Games

What a great CrossFit Open Season this year! Many athletes who have never previously competed in the Open, did just that this year! All of you should be incredibly proud of the workouts you completed, the barriers you broke, goals you achieved, and the “firsts” you didn’t know you could accomplish! Five weeks of emotional (frantic crying, nervous laughter) and physical (torn hands, sore muscles, frequent bathroom visits) roller coasters make you question what the hell you are doing! As coaches, we are so very proud and inspired by each of you! “I can’t do that” turned in to “OH MY GOSH! Did you see what I just did??” “I’ll never finish that” ended up with at least 2 or 3 minutes to spare. All of you worked through those “impossibilities”-and accomplished amazing things. In addition to achieving the impossible, the comradery among everyone was infectious. While we had some team competitions occurring (Congratulations to Corey’s Cronies!), every athlete in our gym showed such great sportsmanship, cheering on every person competing, celebrating each individuals’ accomplishments.

This was a challenging adventure that all of YOU took on….and CONQUERED. We cannot express how impressed we feel about all of you. You worked hard! You achieved amazing things! You supported each other! Thank you to each and every one of you for your effort, support, but most of all-inspiring us. Each of you make this ride we call CrossFit, worth every minute. Thank you for making our CrossFit Craft community a family. We can’t wait to see what is next!

Corey, Erika, and Nick