Happy Birthday Amy!

According to one of Amy's friends and workout buddies, today's workout should be chasing around a gym full of balloons, catching and popping them and then eating cake....and maybe some mobility- which consists of lying on the ground. Unfortunately, Corey missed that memo, so a FUN, but different workout was planned and happened to also land on Amy's birthday! Everyone knows Amy is whispering (or not) in the background: "That's BS!" Amy has accomplished so much in her time with CrossFit Craft. While Amy is always chasing her next goal, we want to recognize some pretty amazing things she has done this year. First of all, she gave birth to a beautiful little girl, Harper. During her pregnancy, Amy diligently came to the gym and tackled each workout. After Harper joined the world and Amy recovered, she is back at it. Because of her persistence, Amy can now complete kipping pullups and toes to bar during the workouts. She has also gained strength in so many lifts (back squat, deadlifts, front squat), although she would argue that it still isn't enough! While the improvements and achievements Amy has made have been awesome and large in our opinion, Amy will never settle! She continues to work through challenges, works until the end of workouts and never quits! She is a great role model for other athletes at the gym, showing that persistence pays off and she will be a great role model for her daughter. Amy supports others in their accomplishements, cheers others on during their workouts, and has really added warmth to our community. We hope that you have an awesome balloon filled birthday, Amy! We are so proud to have you at CrossFit Craft!