Happy Be-lated Birthday Matt Felmulee!

Matt's birthday was yesterday, May 5th! We have enjoyed seeing Matt much more often, as he has had the opportunity to stay home with, Harper, Amy's and Matt's adorable daughter. This proud dad has not wasted a minute of his paternity leave: he can be seen at the gym working on the ambitious goals he has set, pushing Harper in a stroller on a group run, or making Harper do pushups after his workout is done. Because of his hard work in the gym, Matt continues to increase the level of competition in the daily workouts. Many athletes are looking to see how the workout went for Matt, to determine how it may go for them. While Matt is an outstanding athlete, he has an amazing impact on the Craft Community. Matt's positive attitude is contagious and resilient, regardless of the challenge of the workout. He encourages others to do their best and cheers them on. Matt makes anyone feel welcome and instantly part of the community, whether they come to the morning classes or the evening classes. We also have to mention that Matt had served 6 years in the United States Army, served overseas, completed a series of running races with Athletes in Tandem, and enjoys noodles on his Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. Thank you, Matt, for being part of our CrossFit Craft family- it is definitely a privelage to know you. Happy Birthday!