Bryan Kiel....The BIG 40!

Guess what, everyone?! A member of our gym is turning 40 today. He has done amazing things with the first 40 years of his life and I am confident that as he says “sayonara” to his thirties, he will look forward to his fun-filled future of being a father, husband, kick-ass administrator and notorious "sandbagger" here at the gym (in an endearing way, of course)!

If ya’ll don’t know- Bryan Kiel was a collegiate pole-vaulter before he retired the spikes and donned a pair of Nanos. He gave back to the sport that developed his athleticism by using his skill, enthusiasm and love of the “game” to coach pole vault for the Poudre High School Track and Field Team. He also has a Master’s Degree in Special Education and works with the toughest population of kids at the school- calming raging tempers, breaking up fights, confiscating all sorts of interesting and illegal objects and substances, and tracking chronic ditchers down to get them back in class and make sure they are on track to succeed. He has even been known to make home visits to some of the scariest neighborhoods in Fort Collins just to make sure kids are okay despite the horrific home-lives they are stuck in. He was recently nominated for the honorable Mayor’s Award of Fort Collins for going above and beyond in his efforts to make the community of Fort Collins a better place.

Bryan has a very special way of connecting with people and diffusing their negative emotions- whether it be a high-strung athlete preparing for a nerve-racking competition, a rebellious student struggling to accept direction from an authority figure, a worked-up student suffering from a social or emotional disorder, a disgruntled teacher or a reluctant crossfitter shuffling into the gym at 6 AM wondering why they do this to themselves….Bryan ALWAYS makes the situation better. He can talk all of us down from the ledge and he lightens the mood just with his presence and perpetual positive attitude. We have never met one single person who doesn't love Bryan.

Kiel- you have been a constant positive presence here at CrossFit Craft and we appreciate who you are and what you bring to our community each and every day. Your fun-loving spirit, zest for life, patience, willingness to serve others, lead by example, protect the interest of the underdog and empathize with ALL personality types makes you a phenomenal friend, team-mate, co-worker- and it makes you a rock-star dad as well.

Thank you and Happy Birthday!