Today marks another year older for Coach Nick Wathier! As an owner and a coach at CrossFit Craft, Nick is a vital component in the glue that binds our community together. When coaching, he encourages and pushes athletes to work harder, lift heavier (even if they don’t want to) and stay on track. He shares his knowledge and advice with athletes, ensuring safe and efficient movement. As an athlete, Nick has a knack for completing seven workouts in a day-pushing his own limits. He will suffer through miserable workouts, all the way to the end. Nick creates a lot of involvement within our community. Whether it is Fantasy Football, a bet on who will win the next MMA bout, a competition coming up, who is going to compete in the Open, who wants to go to an Eagles game, or who just wants to BBQ, Nick is organizing fun events. People aren’t just coming to the event, but they are coming to hang out with him. We must mention that Nick can dance- and does so, freely, while he is coaching or during a workout. His leadership at CrossFit Craft is highly valued. If Nick is there, regardless of a workout or a get-together, it will be fun. CrossFit Craft is lucky to have Nick as an owner, coach, and athlete. Happy Birthday, Nick!