2018 CrossFit Games Open Registration

CRAFT! The CrossFit Games Open is Back!

We are now up to 26 on our official team:

Open Team as of 20180218.JPG

Here's how you can join the fun!

  1. Go to https://games.crossfit.com/
  2. Click "Sign Up"
    1. Red button in the middle of the page
  3. Log in with a previous years email and password OR click "Create an Account"
  4. Verify all your personal information and click "I work out at a CrossFit Affiliate", Type in and select "CrossFit Craft"
  5. Agree to all terms (read all if you are bored), then click "Continue"
  6. Read and Electronically Sign the waiver
  7. Enter Payment information ($20)
  8. Click on "Competition Dashboard"
  9. Click the red pencil next to "Team" and select "CrossFit Craft"
    1. If you are one of the following you may select that too (it allows you to compete against others in the same category!):
      1. Military
      2. LEO
      3. Firefighter
      4. EMT/Paramedic
      5. Registered Nurse
      6. Medical Doctor
      7. School Teacher
      8. Student
      9. Garage CrossFitter

We will assign teams the Intramural teams as soon as we have everyone registered, so get on it so we can pick teams and start talking smack!

Also, the only way to get the LIMITED ADDITION 2018 Open T-Shirts/Tanks is to join the official team (how to is above).