Craft Schedule Changes/Additional Classes

Hey Craftletes!

We're making some exciting changes to our schedule to bring you more options to maximize your fitness. The following changes will begin next week.

Mon, Tues and Thur: The 6:15 PM class will now be Weightlifting and a Strength combo class. In addition to Weightlifting we will have programming to gain strength in the Squats, Deadlift, Bench and Strict Press. If you're looking to increase your CrossFit total, want to work on a strength weakness or simply want to get swole, we can help. The Wed and Fri 6:15 PM class will remain a CrossFit class.

Sat: The 9 AM class will now be a Team/Partner WOD hour. We will have a partner WOD programmed for this hour for those interested. Not intersted? No worries. We still have open gym and you're welcome do your thing.

We hope to see you all in class and we welcome your feedback.