Craft Weightlifting Shirt/Tank Pre-order DUE TOMORROW!

Our weightlifting club Craft Weightlifting could use a little bit of gear don't ya think?

Check out our pre order for shirts on Zen Planner by clicking here this is more for you to know what color/size to order, we are going with the same Bella Tanks and Next Level T-shirts we have run for our last few orders.

The shirts in the store do not have the logo on them but here is what the logos will look like on similarly colored shirts:

4 Shirts we are running.JPG

This pre-order will close TOMORROW on April 4th, 2018 don't miss out!  

If you are having trouble with the website have no fear, we will set up the iPad at the gym for easy ordering (but you will need your Zen Planner login and password).