Workout #1 is RUN FORREST, RUN


This workout will be held on the Track

16 Minute AMRAP

400m Run/5 Cluster and 5 Burpee Relay

  • Clusters are with 2 dumbbells (50# men/35# women)

At 3–2–1 GO, Partner A runs a 400m lap around the track while Partner B completes 5 clusters + 5 burpees. Once Partner A returns from their 400m run and Partner B has completed their clusters and burpees, they must tag. Then Partner B runs 400m while Partner A completes 5 clusters + 5 burpees.

The event will be scored as total points accumulated in 16 minutes. Each 400m run is 100 points. There are no points for running anything less than a full 400m lap. Each cluster or burpee completed is 1 point.

Example: If your team ran eight 400m laps and partner B returned from the eigth 400m lap in time to tag their partner and complete 5 Clusters + 1 burpee, their team would score 886 points.