19.1 CHAS vs JR

Chas v JR.PNG

The Greatest Rivalry in CrossFit Craft History will be reborn on Friday 2/22/19. Chas and JR are both fierce competitors that both qualified for the 2018 Dakota Games, in the weeks leading up to the Battle in Fargo the "group text smack talk" was at an all time high, they also had a 13 hour road trip in the same car to let each other know their true feelings. In the end, the competitors tied on points and the winner after multiple tie breaks ended up being Chas.

Will JR have what it takes to knock Chas off in the inaugural workout of the 2019 CrossFit Open? YOU BETTER SHOW UP TO FIND OUT!!!

For those of you doing our Intramural Open:

  • JR - Narwhal

  • Chas - Water Buffalo

WHO YOU GOT? Post to comments...