19.4 COREY vs MATT

c and m.jpg

Two of our top male CrossFitter's will meet in this weeks Friday Night Lights on 3/15 at 5pm. A silent rivalry (I [Nick] made this up) has been brewing for years to see who the top male in the gym is.

Matt has been chasing down Corey for the last few years in the Open and thanks to a RIDICULOUS PATERNITY LEAVE (and some hard work) he may have closed the gap. Corey much like a fine wine is getting better with age, and although he is now a "Level 2 Master" (40-44 years old) he is still showing high levels of fitness

For those of you doing our Intramural Open:

  • Matt - Narwhal
  • Corey - Water Buffalo

WHO YOU GOT? Post to comments...