19.5 Molly vs Molly

M and M.jpg

In the final Friday Night Lights on 3/22 at 5pm, Molly vs Molly (not a drug reference/comparison) is a great battle, they both have much in common, same name, from the Pacific Northwest, both beasts of athletes. This one will likely come down to is it cardio based or weight based...in years past the last workout has seemingly been cardio based (think thrusters/burpees) will that favor Molly M enough?

Molly G has turned her focus to weightlifting (nationals prep) and Molly M is coming back from a rough foot/ankle injury, but both have stepped up to the plate to show their stuff in the last Open workout of the year!

For those of you doing our Intramural Open:

  • Molly G - Narwhal
  • Molly M - Water Buffalo

WHO YOU GOT? Post to comments...