19.5 Recap

This weeks Friday Night Lights pitted Molly vs. Molly!

MOLLY WON!!! haha but seriously they both put on a great show for all in attendance or on Instagram Live!

Molly G was able to pull ahead using some National Level Weightlifting strength to power through the thrusters and stayed consisten on her Chest to Bars with sets of 3:

  • Molly G 19:26
  • Molly M 20:38

As for the team challenge the Narwhals took week 5 (Note, the reps remaining at the 20 minute time cap were converted into seconds. Also, the slowest score was removed from the Water Buffaloes to even up the teams at 14 each):

  1. Narwhals - 279:24
  2. Water Buffalo - 282:12

Narwhals Total 279:24

  • Amy F 21:04 RX
  • Angela S
  • Angi G 19:08 RX
  • Brad W
  • Brenna R 22:09 RX
  • Colin H 18:05 RX
  • Emily R 22:03 RX
  • J.R. G 18:52 RX
  • Jeff K
  • Kayla S 17:25 RX
  • Kellar W 21:14 RX
  • Matthew F 17:00 RX
  • Mike A 20:20 RX
  • Molly G 19:26 RX
  • Nick N 21:04 RX
  • Nick W 20:25 RX
  • Ricky N 21:09 RX

* Water Buffaloes Total 282:12

  • Chas B 20:23 RX
  • Corey H 18:30 RX
  • Eric S 20:41 RX
  • Forrest M 20:47 RX
  • Jacob H
  • Janell E 21:08 RX
  • John G
  • John K
  • Kelsey S 21:02 RX
  • Lindsey K 13:50 RX
  • Liz L 20:12 RX
  • Lynn Z 21:55 RX
  • Meghan N 21:05 RX
  • Molly M 20:38 RX
  • RJ W 22:05 RX
  • Steven R 20:27 RX
  • Titus B 20:31 RX
  • Todd B 21:03 RX

CROSSFIT CRAFT is En Route to the Granite Games!!!

Lindsey (Pro individual), Kayla, Erika, Matt Fe. and Nick W (Team) are leaving TODAY for the Granite Games. They will be competing along side several CrossFit Games and Regionals Athletes.

The events start tomorrow Friday, September 8th in the morning, you can find our heat times (or stalk all the amazing athletes) on the Competition Corner Page

Check out the Workouts page for all the torturous events they will be participating in.

Last but not least here is the Leaderboard to track how everyone is doing

CROSSFIT CRAFT Qualified for the Granite Games!!!

Congratulations to our Community for Qualifying in the top 60 Communities of the Granite Games. Most of you have seen these freaks hammering the Qualifier workouts through the month of June, and through those they have earned a spot to compete along side several CrossFit Games and Regionals Athletes.

The only event we are currently aware of is event 3: 400m open water swim for time (all athletes must complete).

If you're up for a road trip (or a cheap flight) this competition is 9/8 to 9/10 and in St. Cloud, MN.

The athletes representing CrossFit Craft are: Erika, Kayla, Matt Fe., and Nick W. Be sure to congratulate and wish them luck!