Wednesday 151223

  1. Clean EMOMx7: 3-position Squat Clean at 80%
    Pos. 1: From the Pockets
    Pos. 2: From the knees
    Pos. 3: From the ground

  2. Squat
    1×1 Back Squat, Heavy
    1×10 Back Squat, Heavy
    1x1Back Squat, Heavy
    1×20 Back Squat, Heavy
    1×1 Back Squat, Heavy
    1x30Back Squat, Heavy

    The goal is to hit a heavy/max lift on each set. After completing your first single there are no more warm up reps between sets – only do six sets. If you miss a lift, note the number of successful reps and move on to the next set. Rest as needed between sets.

    Extra work
    5 rounds of:
    Min 1: 18/15 Calorie Row
    Min 2: 20 Kettlebell Swings, 70/53
    Min 3: 50 Double Unders

Programming modified from Ben Bergeron's CompTrain

20151223 CrossFit Craft 3 Position Squat Clean Back Squat