Friday 151204

  1. Conditioning
    TEAMS of 3 Complete the following for time:
    100 Calorie Row
    100 Deadlifts, 155/105
    80 Calorie Row
    80 Hang Power Cleans, 155/105
    60 Calorie Row
    60 Front Squats, 155/105
    40 Calorie Row
    40 Push Jerks, 155/105
    20 Calorie Row
    20 Clusters, 155/105

  2. Gymnastics Conditioning
    5 rounds of:
    :20 max unbroken strict C2B + max Strict Pull ups
    1 minute rest between rounds.
    The idea is to do as many unbroken strict C2B as possible. Then use the remaining time in the :20 to get as many strict pull ups as you can (these do not need to be unbroken).

    Extra work
    A. 75 Ring Dips for time
    B. Run 5 miles

Programming modified from Ben Bergeron's CompTrain

20151204 CrossFit Craft TEAM WORKOUT Row Deadlift Hang Power Clean Front Squat Push Jerks Clusters Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups