Monday 150824

  1. Conditioning
    “2015 Games Couplet”
    15-10-6 reps for time of:
    Thrusters (165/115)
    Bar muscle-ups

  2. Snatch
    A. Quickly work up to a heavy single Snatch Balance
    B. Quickly work up to a heavy single Squat Snatch

    *From Ben Bergeron: "A note about what “heavy” means… This is on the “FAQ” page, but here it is again. Heavy is not a max. You should not fail a rep on the way up to achieving a “heavy” lift. “Heavy” means you lift as heavy as you can – while still maintaining excellent technique and speed. We lift heavy often on this program. Save the max efforts for max effort days."

Extra Work:
Gymnastics Pulling
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 unbroken TTB for time – if you are unable to complete a set unbroken, you must rest and repeat that set again.

*Programming modified from Ben Bergeron's Comp Train